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Follow these steps below to ensure your spray tan goes on evenly. This plays a major part in making your tan last.

Come showered. Wash off deodorant, lotions, sunscreen, and makeup. It’s best to shower 4+ hours in advance, but if you need to closer to your appointment - skip the soap and rinse very well using a cold burst of water (this will close your pores and avoid freckling)

Shave. You can still shave lightly after, but keep in mind that is where your spray tan lives.

Exfoliate. You want your skin to be totally clean & exfoliated so the spray really seeps into your skin and lays evenly. An exfoliating mitt and scrub are ideal for this step (I have these in shop if you would like to purchase!)

What to wear:

Bring a hair tie or wear your hair up and off of your face and neck. I will provide a hair net.

Wear or bring dark, loose fitting clothes like sweatpants, a t-shirt, sandals or slippers. Yes, your yoga pants are too tight!

Bring long sleeves or a jacket + umbrella + closed toed shoes if we are expecting rain to avoid water spots.

Also something to sit on in your car if you decide to wear shorts, so you don’t stick to or rub off on your car seats

If you have a swimsuit you’d like to wear, please bring that or you may opt for no tan-lines and go nude— whatever you’re most comfortable with and provides the desired look you’re going for. I have disposable underwear, if needed. I do not provide coverage for top.

*Men are not permitted to go nude at Glow & Go, please plan accordingly. 

NOTE: Spray tanning should be your last appointment. Please plan accordingly to get your waxing, nails, massage, lashes, hair, etc appointment completed at least the day prior to your spray tan appointment. 

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